Sights 6 - North America

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2,804 3D objects from 108 cities in the USA, Canada & Mexico 


With the new object package Sights 6 - North America, you receive a comprehensive collection of the most famous buildings and sights in the USA, Canada and Mexico



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Sights 6 - North America


2.804 3D objects from 108 cities in the USA, Canada & Mexico


With the new object package Sights 6 - North America, you receive a comprehensive collection of the most famous buildings and sights in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

World-famous buildings like the Empire State Building in New York or the Sears Tower in Chicago and the Statue of Liberty are also represented. The huge object package with 2.804 sights also includes exceptional models including the luxury liner, the Queen Mary. The USA and Canada may be known for modern architecture, but there are also historical churches like the Trinity Church and, of course, these are included in the package.

Realistic 3D models for Vasco da Gama

New in version 6


Not just the quantity, but especially the quality of the properties in the new North American package will impress you. All of the buildings have been lovingly modeled in detail to allow Vasco da Gama to give you a sneak peek at your future (or past) travels with many visual highlights.

Embellish your travel films and vacation videos with the impressive 3-dimensional sights and take your audience on an emotional and animated trip down the memory lane of your travels and adventures.


Of course, a number of new models has been added to the new version of the North American package and Vasco da Gama will have the skylines of American cities literally springing out of the ground in your maps. Walk the streets of New York or Chicago virtually and show your audience just how exciting the Big Apple and the Windy City can be. Look from One World Trade Center over to the impressive Bank of America Tower or walk in Al Capone?s footsteps, wreaking havoc in Vasco da Gama?s virtual Chicago.
Of course, in addition to skyscrapers, the package contains many stadiums and arenas and historic buildings, including the Catedral de San Juan de los Lagos in Mexico or the Angels? stadium in Anaheim.

The special features of this 3D package include

Versatile options

new world trade

Geodata referencing - All of the sights are geo-referenced, which means that every building and monument contains its actual geographical data.

This way, the respective sight is automatically placed in its actual location when you select it so you don't have to search for where the Pantheon is in Rome.

The minimum requirement for using geo-referencing is Vasco da Gama 7


Integrate stadiums to document your experiences at sporting events. Choose skyscrapers with which you can illustrate imposing skylines. Your ideas are set no limits with this comprehensive complete package of sights from three continents.

Relive your world travels, European and intercontinental vacations over and over by enhancing and jazzing up your videos with the help of the 3D models.

The sights in the USA, Canada and Mexico in one big package: An all around balanced compilation for ambitious travel film-makers.

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The object package is suitable for Vasco da Gama 6 or greater.

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