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Vasco da Gama 15 HDPro XXL

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Vasco da Gama 15 HD Professional XXL

Simply create beautiful route animations

Create impressive animations to match your travel experiences. Have you already tried a virtual trip from Berlin to Shanghai? Vasco da Gama 15 makes it a breeze to set everything up. With just a few mouse clicks you decide what the route should look like. Select several waypoints and a target location to start retracing your steps. Plan your bus tour across Germany. Zoom in on your coach while it's bringing you from one landmark to the next. With Vasco da Gama 15, there's no limit to your imagination.

Design of the route is entirely up to you. When planning a cruise, show what your dream trip should look like with high quality objects. Taking yourself into the depths of Africa for research or documentary purposes? Depict your excursion in a presentation or documentary film. With the help of Vasco da Gama 15, make sophisticated travel films for TV or lectures with an animated journey across the globe. Spice up your footage to ensure your viewers react accordingly.


Comparison table data volume between Vasco da Gama 15 HDPro and Vasco da Gama 15 HDPro XXL

Vasco da Gama 15 HDPro HDPro XXL
Number of GPS database entries of cities, capitals and villages 365.269 4.526.205
Degree of detail (map size in pixels) for land mask, night lights, city names and country borders 65.536
(0.26 GB)
(1.81 GB)
Degree of detail (map size in pixels) for mountain landscape 65.536
(0.22 GB)
(9.75 GB)

Create More Beautiful Mountain Landscapes with Vasco da Gama 15 HDPro XXL

Mountains L10

Vasco da Gama 15 HDPro XXL

Mountains L7

Vasco da Gama 15 HD Professional

For the mountains alone, Vasco da Gama 15 HDPro XXL has an incredible 9.985 MB of altitude data available to create detailed mountain landscapes. On the other hand, Vasco da Gama 15 HDPro only has 222 MB of height data available. With more details in your route animations, you'll impress your viewers.

Larger GPS Database
in Vasco da Gama 15 HDPro XXL

Finer Sketching of the Land Mask and Night Lights
in Vasco da Gama 15 HDPro XXL

gpsdatabase cblm_l8

The GPS database contains 4,526,205 entries for major cities, towns and villages. This is more than 12 times more than Vasco da Gama 15 HDPro. The larger GPS database helps you to find any hidden place.

With the higher resolution of the land mask, you can achieve a clean separation between water and land. This is an important detail, especially in connection with the new sea waves. The night lights are now also available in a higher resolution and let the night lights appear more beautiful and more detailed.

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