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Upgrade to Vasco da Gama 11 Advanced

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Vasco da Gama 11 - Perfection at its best
Now a breeze with the improved Quick & Easy Assist 2

Something very big awaits you with Vasco da Gama 11. Look forward to a wealth of innovative additions and meaningful updates that you can now take advantage of with Vasco da Gama 11.

Easy Assist 2 - Unimagined possibilities, still just as easy to operate


In collaboration with our Vasco da Gama customers, we have been able to develop and improve the popular Easy Assist mode. A special highlight of this collaboration is our new Easy flight mode. With just one click, the Easy Flight mode takes over the work for you and generates the take-off and landing of aircraft for you without needing any further settings. But not only that, all other flight movements are automatically calculated and displayed. Many other new features provide you more varied design possibilities, such as display of a compass, a navigation globe with position arrow, hiding and showing of text, setting of stopover times, and other new features.


64bit support - more performance, more memory, more possibilities

Thanks to 64-bit support, you can now utilize the full potential of your system and create larger and more beautiful projects for your travel animation with Vasco da Gama 11. Use detailed maps and apply even more 3D models for planning your itinerary. No more memory limit with 32Bit!


Multi-core support - use every core of your processor

Vasco da Gama 11 now distributes the work to the various cores of your processor and can thus display maps up to 2-4 times faster.

Visual Highlights - from Aesthetic to Spectacular

dof sunset

Use Vasco da Gama 11 to create impressive animation effects. Emphasize the main subject stylishly and subtly using the depth-of-field effect. Or combine the effect with lens flares and scattering of the sun's rays in the Earth's atmosphere. To create stunning and emotional scenes that will get a "wow" from every viewer.

  • Completely redesigned shadow presentation, finer and more detailed shading.
  • Camera depth-of-field (DoF) for better depth perception in the film.
  • Simulation of Earth's atmosphere and ambient lighting for more realistic representation of the earth

New city lights map - city lights illuminate the night


Create stunning night views of the earth with the new city lights map. Where previously there were only black spots, impressive seas of light can now be seen. Enjoy the spectacular views as you fly over Europe at night. Experience how the lights are slowly dimmed at dawn and the new day approaches. A beautiful sight that turns your animation into the perfect presentation.

New landmask map
Sharper contours between land and sea

New national borders map
Detailed and up-to-date

landmask grenzen
The new map not only shows an improved contour of the landmask, but also provides more details, especially around lakes and rivers. Excellent in combination with the sun's reflection in water, the new landmask map offers significantly more impressive results.  All country borders were brought up to date. And the borders are not only displayed on land, but are can now also be displayed over the ocean.


New basic maps of the world - More details for a better travel animation

The new maps offer you 16 times more pixels per square kilometer and 10 times the amount of data compared to previous maps. With more details, you can now use Vasco da Gama 11 to create even more attractive travel animations.


Easy Flight Mode - Just one click to the flight

Create automatic launches and landings for your flight, as well as all curve and tilt movements with just one click. The Easy flight mode is available for the Easy Assist, as well as for the expert mode of Vasco da Gama 11.

Support of the Mercator maps format

nicemap_3 nicemap_4

In addition to the familiar WGS84 map format, Vasco da Gama 11 now also supports the Mercator format. From now on, you can use Mercator maps made with Vasco StreetMaps 6 (from version 6.04) in Vasco da Gama 11. All modes of Vasco StreetMaps 6 are supported.


GPS tracks - integration of further variants

The import of GPS tracks will continue to evolve, so you can now import various new versions of single tracks, as well as multi-tracks to a route in Vasco da Gama 11.


GPS Database - Completely revised database of places in the world

The new database not only includes significantly more cities and smaller towns, but also includes the place names in different languages, as well as alternative names. This allows you to choose whether you prefer to use the local, international or alternative name for the chosen location.


Search locations - More ways to find a destination

Not only has the database been completely redesigned, but also the location search option. In addition to many filter options, such as case sensitivity, exact match, special characters or alternative names, federal capitals and provincial capitals are also marked. The presentation of the place names on the route has also been greatly improved.


Further improvements and additions

  • Animated objects no longer animate at break points, if desired
  • Significantly reduced edge flicker when viewed horizontally
  • Revised visibility setting for maps
  • Improved acceleration and deceleration for objects
  • Stars and moon can now be switched off
  • Easy Assist: Water reflections can now be switched off
  • Easy Assist: Texts can now also be provided with effects
  • Easy Assist: Switch for resetting the camera settings
  • Video output in Quicktime format now up to 6 times faster


Vasco da Gama 11 - Perfection at its best!

Experience the new possibilities of Vasco da Gama 11 and create captivating travel animations. Start at dawn with a camper in Hamburg, drive into the sunset to Munich and from there fly back against the sun...

Create impressive animations of your travel experiences. Have you ever virtually traveled from Berlin to Shanghai? No problem with Vasco da Gama 11. You decide what the route should look like with a click of the mouse. Set several waypoints and a destination that you control step by step. Plan your bus tour throughout Germany. Zoom in on your coach as it takes you from one attraction to another. With Vasco da Gama 11 you have no limits.


Design of the route is entirely up to you. When planning a cruise, show what your dream trip should look like with high quality objects. Taking yourself into the depths of Africa for research or documentary purposes? Depict your excursion in a presentation or documentary film. With the help of Vasco da Gama 11, make sophisticated travel films for TV or lectures with an animated journey across the globe. Spice up your footage to ensure your viewers react accordingly.

Vasco da Gama 11 in practice

dubai europa2

Let your dreams run wild! Model your route according to individual criteria and use numerous and versatile effects. Benefit from the real-time preview to directly and accurately make changes. Use the professional, high-resolution technology to create high quality videos. Quickly integrate your videos in common video editing systems after production! Bring your film footage together with Vasco da Gama 11 to create travel movies indistinguishable from TV productions!

Especially easy with the improved Quick & Easy Assist 2


The Quick & Easy Assist 2 provides you unprecedented ease of arranging key data and milestones on your itinerary, in just a few moments ? in the usual high quality. You can immediately create a quality trip animation without needing to familiarize yourself with the program or make any fine tuning adjustments to the settings. By selecting this feature, the program automates all relevant settings to quickly and efficiently calculate the route ? and it's all quick & easy:

  • Set waypoints for your itinerary
  • Select means of transport
  • Start animation directly

City lights illuminate the night


Look forward to a very special eye-catcher: you can simply switch on the city lights at night! Darken the map and illustrate your travels with extraordinary visuals. Enjoy the spectacular views as you fly over Europe at night. Just imagine this experience with the latest version of Vasco da Gama. Experience how the lights are slowly dimmed and the new day approaches at dawn. A beautiful sight that turns your animation into the perfect presentation.

Sun animation: even more dynamic travel animations with spectacular light and shadow interactions


Many trips last for hours or even days, and pass through different time zones. In order to make a route animation even more realistic, it makes sense to be able to specify different times of day for the different stopping points on the route. For example, you can start your trip at sunrise and travel into the evening. During the day the lights and shadows change. And that at a fast pace! A really great effect.

Visual Highlights ? from Aesthetic to Spectacular


Use Vasco da Gama 11 to create impressive animation effects. Use the depth-of-field effect to stylishly and subtly emphasize the main theme. Or combine the effect with lens flares and scattering of the sun's rays in the Earth's atmosphere to create stunning and emotional scenes that will get a "wow" from every viewer.

Camera running - you're the director


Benefit from the professional camera work with which you can direct your travel videos ? down to the last detail. In Camera mode, you set the angle, zoom, and more for each of your travel projects. So you can easily view several route animations simultaneously and harmonize perfectly. Switch to a bird's eye view as you fly across the Atlantic. Zoom in close to admire the sights in the big cities. The clever timeline allows you to create clear snapshots of the camera movement ? for an excellent overview.

GPS features: Precise and detailed

VdG11 Szene

Vasco da Gama 11 offers the possibility to easily and precisely create routes from imported GPS routes. We've further improved these functionalities for you. So you can now enter GPS data manually and choose different display formats for the GPS coordinates. In addition, import options have been expanded and multi-tracks are automatically detected and summarized in one route.

Product comparison

Vasco da Gama 11 Advanced HD Professional HD Ultimate
Quickt & Easy Assist 2 YES YES YES
Depth of field effect YES YES YES
Easy flight mode (flight movements with just one click) YES YES YES
64Bit processor support YES YES YES
Multi-core processor support YES YES YES
Optimized display quality (latest technologies) YES YES YES
Creation of stereoscopic 3D videos YES YES YES
Automatic camera control with camera profiles YES YES YES
Fixed camera mode for motionless cards YES YES YES
Manual camera work with keyframes YES YES YES
Placing objects and texts at checkpoints YES YES YES
Text at stopover points YES YES YES
Adjustable route color, style and width YES YES YES
3D object library approx. 350 approx. 350 approx10.000
Using your own 2D objects (images) as head objects, key objects or free objects. YES YES YES
Adding national borders YES YES YES
Save videos as Raw DV, AVI DV type 1/2, VfW, AVI (DirectShow), Windows Media Video (wmv), QuickTime (mov) and as image sequences (JPG, BMP, TGA and PPM) YES YES YES
Hide/show texts and objects at checkpoint YES YES YES
Adjustable route color, style and width YES YES YES
Acceleration and deceleration at checkpoints YES YES YES
Free positioning of text and objects YES YES YES
Different fonts can be used simultaneously YES YES YES
Integration of own photos YES YES YES
Particle animation, e.g. real smoke from steam locomotives YES YES YES
Simulation of animated turns, arrivals and departures of objects YES YES YES
Free camera movement (camera zoom, position, tilt and angle) YES YES YES
Light and shadow effects adapt to the position of the sun (the month and time can be freely selected), e.g. the sunrise or sunset YES YES YES
Add your own maps to the basic project map 1 3 3
GPS database of cities, capitals and villages 69.435 365.269 4.526.205
Alternative control dial mode YES YES YES
Quick save button for projects YES YES YES
Simple map mode YES YES YES
Enhanced map mode YES YES YES
Simple camera mode YES YES YES
Uniform timeline YES YES YES
Undo function YES YES YES
Import of GPS tracking routes (formats such as CRS, G7T, GPX, KML, TCX, OVL and others) NO YES YES
Analysis of GPS data from images, allowing for images to be placed automatically in the location where they were taken. NO YES YES
Support of High Definition Video
HDV, HDTV, 4K and Ultra HD
Start of the route with exact time data NO YES YES
Simulate up to 10 independent routes at the same time (rallies) NO YES YES
Different speeds can be set for the selected objects NO YES YES
Improved preview, i.a. the setting of mark in/out points NO YES YES
Supports ShuttlePro and compatible input devices NO YES YES
Object Package "Aircraft and Airlines 3" NO NO YES
Object Package "Ships and Boats 2" NO NO YES
Object Package "Landmarks 6 - Europe" NO NO YES
Object Package "Landmarks 6 - North America" NO NO YES
Object Package "Landmarks 6 - Asia" NO NO YES
Object Package "Landmarks 6 - Latin America, Middle East, Africa" NO NO YES
Object Package "Wildtiere" NO NO YES
Object Package "Cartoons" NO NO YES
Object Package "Airports Germany" NO NO YES
Earth Maps Adventure NO NO YES
Earth Maps Aesthetic NO NO YES
Earth Maps Classic NO NO YES
Bonus Map "Mond" NO NO YES
Bonus Map "Mars" NO NO YES

Note: Due to the change from Vasco da Gama 11 to 64Bit older object packages are no longer supported! Customized files for Vasco da Gama 11 are provided for all current object packages. Map packages are not affected by this and can still be used.



If you like to learn more details about Vasco Da Gama 11, we recommend to download the Manual in pdf format and have a look at it.

Document format: PDF-files
Number of pages: 217 pages

(File size: 21 MB)

Annotation: Some images contain additional object and/or map packages or have been created with Vasco da Gama 10 HD Ultimate version of the software. These optional packages are not part of Vasco da Gama 10 Advanced or Vasco da Gama 10 HD Professional and can be purchased separately.


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System requirements

  • 64Bit Prozessor with 2,4 GHz or higher
  • Microsoft® Windows 7 64Bit, Windows 8 64Bit und Windows 10 64Bit
  • 4 GByte RAM or higher
  • 12 GByte hard drive for the program installation
  • 3D Graphics card with the following minimum requirements:
    · 1GB MB RAM or more
    · Supports OpenGL 3.3 or higher
    · Supports ShaderModel 3.0 or higher
    · Supports 8 Texture mapping units or higher
  • Intel HD Graphics, Laptop, Notebooks, Netbooks or Onboard graphic chips with these minimum requirements can work, but they are not officially supported!
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