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Absolutely top-class route animation with many extras

In addition to all features included in the professional version of Vasco Da Gama, which lets you create travel routes in the highest quality and HD resolution, the Ultimate Version of Vasco Da Gama also provides you with several additional object and map packages enabling you to create even more impressive route animations.

By getting the HD Ultimate Version, you receive 23.000 landmark models from all over the world and a huge selection of 3D models of aircraft and ships. Now you can enhance your travel route with a myriad of different details and thus convey the fascination of your trip even better.

This is the ultimate version for discerning travel route animators


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Vasco da Gama 14 HD Ultimate: Absolutely top-class route animation with many extras


Vasco da Gama 14 HD Ultimate includes Vasco da Gama 14 HDPro XXL and the newest version of the object & map packages:


  • 3D library with over 23,000 objects
  • 4,526,205 GPS database entries of major cities, towns and villages
  • 262,144 pixels map size for Llnd mask, night lights, city names and country borders
  • 524,288 pixel map size for mountain landscapes
  • Airplanes and Airline Companies 4
  • Ships and Boats 3
  • Vehicles
  • Sights 8 - Europe
  • Sights 8 - North America
  • Sights 8 - Asia
  • Sights 8 - Amérique latine, Moyen-Orient, Afrique
  • Sights 8 - Australia and New Zealand
  • Sights 8 - India and Kazakhstan
  • Wild animals of the world
  • Cartoons 2
  • Airports Germany
  • Earth Maps Adventure
  • Earth Maps Aesthetic
  • Earth Maps Classic
  • plus 2 bonus maps of the Moon and Mars

Vasco da Gama 14 - Simply create beautiful route animations

Dreamlike clouds, picturesque mountain landscapes and breathtaking sea waves

Discover the new features of Vasco da Gama 14 and simply create beautiful travel animations. Start your route animation with a plane trip in airy clouds, cross picturesque mountain landscapes with a motorhome and travel by ship through sun-drenched oceans. Simply beautiful!


Create More Beautiful Mountain Landscapes with Vasco da Gama 14 HD Ultimate

Mountains L10

Vasco da Gama 14 HD Ultimate

Mountains L7

Vasco da Gama 14 HD Professional

For the mountains alone, Vasco da Gama 14 HD Ultimate has an incredible 27 GB of altitude data available to create detailed mountain landscapes. On the other hand, Vasco da Gama 14 HDPro only has 0.8 GB of height data available. With more details in your route animations, you'll impress your viewers.


New: route lines - footprints in the sand

Vasco da Gama 14 offers you many new route line options. Enhance your route animation, for example, with footprints in the sand or shoeprints in the city park. If you are traveling by car, display the route line as roads. Do you like to travel by train? No problem, display railroad tracks. More variety and more design options when illustrating travel routes.

New: quick and easy setting of the route lines for expert mode

As known from the Easy Assist mode, the expert mode now also has a quick and easy function for setting the route line. With just one click, you can choose from 36 predefined route lines. If desired, you can adjust the color and size individually. If you would like to adjust further details, all known setting options of the expert mode for the route lines are of course still available to you.


New: Suntime - dynamic sun setting with just a few clicks


You keep every moment of the scene in view and thus enjoy working with many camera angles. With the new function for dynamic sun setting, you can only select the respective time of day at key positions; the times of day are calculated automatically for all other camera points. No more cumbersome adjustments at many camera points is required. In this way you get a spectacular course of the sun in your travel film with just a few settings.

New: Compass Rose - Now also with an international flair

New: Ocean waves 2.0 - With many new setting options

kompass waves

The compass rose, loved by many, is now available in two language versions. In addition to the well-known German version "NOSW", Vasco da Gama 14 now also offers the English version "NESW". This is how you provide your viewers with an orientation aid that boasts international flair. A visual highlight for every travel film. 

One of the great highlights of Vasco da Gama are the ocean waves. Vasco da Gama 14 now offers you many new, individual options for adapting the display. Adjust the wave height or wave direction to get the effect you want. You can also turn the reflections on the water on or off according to your personal preferences.

New: Clouds 2.0 - individual height adjustment


What counts for ocean waves also applies to the clouds. Individual settings for cloud height, wind direction, wind strength and cloud type offer you a wide range of design options. Take off with the plane below the clouds, when you reach the flight altitude you break through the cloud cover and fly towards your travel destination in the bright sunshine.

New: Easy motorcycle mode - with the best position in every curve

New: Elevation data revised and expanded for many areas

motorrad prazisere

The popular Easy flight mode now has a counterpart. Easy motorcycle mode is intended for all motorcycle fans who enjoy an inclined position when cornering. Just one click and the motorcycle automatically leans into every curve. What fun! And of course it's also suited for bicycles. 

Vasco StreetMaps 14 receives new elevation data for many new areas of the world, so that sections of land where no elevation data was previously available can now benefit from the many possibilities.

New: Mode selection - everything at a glance


You can easily and clearly make your choice when creating a new project whether you want to work in Easy Assist mode or in expert mode. The selection of whether you prefer to work with flat maps in simple map mode or prefer the world as a globe view is also displayed graphically in an overview. Each mode is explained and its benefits pointed out - you have everything at a glance.

New: Many small improvements with a major impact

New: Improved performance and faster loading times

optimierung multicore

The automatic search with alternative place names increases the hit rate for the place you are looking for. Location and country-related names are also taken into account. You initiate the immediate start of the search by pressing the Enter key. 

Up to 50% faster loading of map tiles through more efficient access to the storage media. The consumption of graphics memory has also been minimized, which improves the performance of the graphics card. Overall, this results in smoother and faster movements when zooming, rotating and moving the globe.

Picturesque mountain landscapes - beautiful and impressive

Berge 3 Berge 4

As desired by many of our customers, you can now create fascinating mountain landscapes with Vasco da Gama 14. The route animation gains more depth and dynamism as your journey by plane glides over breathtaking mountain ranges.

Atmosphere - Rich, beautiful colors from dawn to sunset

Sunset 4
You can see the Earth in its most beautiful colors, especially in connection with the new BlueMarble card. The sea in fantastic blue tones, the sunset in beautiful orange tones. Experience beautiful mountain landscapes in the evenings.

Ocean waves - every wave a pleasure

Unique reflections - that's what makes the sea special

OceanWaves2 OceanWaves

The waves and the radiant sea are your companions on every cruise across it. Your route animation becomes a feast for the eyes, as your ship sails over the oceans, the waves move up and down and the glistening sun makes the sea sparkle. 

Another highlight of Vasco da Gama 14 are the reflections of clouds, vehicles, airplanes, ships, mountain landscapes and also texts on the sea surface. This will make your travel animations even more realistic.

User interface - clearer, more beautiful and faster

The new user interface, as well as the new color scheme, now display all switches more clearly, so you keep track. In addition, the presentation of the elements has become much faster, so that the workflow significantly increases.

Easy Flight Mode 3.0 - Take off, fly, land, all with one click

The sun, moon and stars - and now the Milky Way

flugmodus milkyway

Create automatic takeoffs and landings for your flight, as well as all curve and tilt movements with just one click. Based on the route, the altitude is automatically calculated, and this can be easily adjusted if necessary. 

Vasco da Gama 14 now not only renders the moon and the stars, but also the entire Milky Way. Let the earth revolve and admire our galaxy.

Quick & Easy Assist 3 - Create beautiful travel animations quickly and easily


If you want to create a travel animation for your holiday movie, then Quick & Easy Assist 3 is just the thing for you. With just a few clicks you can put your route together or simply import your own GPS track. Now select your vehicle and let the journey begin. Many other new features provide you with more variety in the design, such as displaying a compass, navigation globe with position arrow, hiding and showing of text, setting stopover times, and other new features.

And if you want more, just switch to the expert mode and there are many more ways to spice up your travel movie.

Clouds - cheerful to cloudy

Clouds europe_at_night

Another visual highlight for your travel animation. Clouds are now also entering Vasco da Gama 14. You can choose from a wide range of different types, from cheerful to cloudy, but also stormy.

Clear pictures - better view of your most beautiful pictures


Upload your images to Vasco da Gama 14 and take advantage of the enhanced viewing experience. Your images are now always displayed in full richness, independent of light and shade, so your viewers won't miss a single detail.

Quiet movements
simply no hectic pace

Smoother camera movements
the power lies in the tranquility

langsam Camera

The "Calm Motion" function has been further refined and is now available in 4 levels. Decide individually to what extent the function should influence the event. The movements of the vehicles appear less hectic, creating harmonious animations. 

The "Calm Motion" function is now also available for the automatic camera modes. With just one click you can smooth choppy camera movements and create a smooth tracking shot. Your travel animations seem much more attractive.


GPS - Full GPS support in simple map mode

The simple map mode for flat maps now gets a big improvement. All GPS options are now also available in simple map mode. All you need for this is a geo-referenced map, e.g. from Vasco StreetMaps, then all functions such as searching for places, automatically placing sights, setting waypoints via GPS, using location display, etc., are available to you. Both map formats, WGS84 and Mercator, are of course supported.

Drones camera mode - tracks every move

The drone camera mode offers you exciting possibilities for the camera view. Automatic camera guidance follows every movement of your vehicle. Whether left or right, the camera adopts every change of direction. If you use the popular flight mode for your flight, the rolling movements of the aircraft are even transferred to the camera, resulting in fascinating camera movements.


Vasco da Gama 14 in practice

Create impressive animations of your travel experiences. Have you ever virtually traveled from Berlin to Shanghai? No problem with Vasco da Gama 14. You decide what the route should look like with a click of the mouse. Set several waypoints and a destination that you control step by step. Plan your bus tour throughout Germany. Zoom in on your coach as it takes you from one attraction to another. With Vasco da Gama 14 you have no limits.


Design of the route is entirely up to you. When planning a cruise, show what your dream trip should look like with high quality objects. Taking yourself into the depths of Africa for research or documentary purposes? Depict your excursion in a presentation or documentary film. With the help of Vasco da Gama 14, make sophisticated travel films for TV or lectures with an animated journey across the globe. Spice up your footage to ensure your viewers react accordingl.

dubai europa2

Let your dreams run wild! Model your route according to individual criteria and use numerous and versatile effects. Benefit from the real-time preview to directly and accurately make changes. Use the professional, high-resolution technology to create high quality videos. Quickly integrate your videos in common video editing systems after production! Bring your film footage together with Vasco da Gama 14 to create travel movies indistinguishable from TV productions!

GPS features: Precise and detailed

VdG11 Szene

Vasco da Gama 14 offers the possibility to easily and precisely create routes from imported GPS routes. We've further improved these functionalities for you. So you can now enter GPS data manually and choose different display formats for the GPS coordinates. In addition, import options have been expanded and multi-tracks are automatically detected and summarized in one route.

Range of Features at a Glance

Over the years, Vasco da Gama has been continuously optimized and expanded, so that it meanwhile a large number of features are available with Vasco da Gama 14 on your home computer.

Vasco da Gama 14 HDPro HDPro XXL HD Ultimate
Quickt & Easy Assist 3 YES YES YES
Depth of field effect YES YES YES
Easy flight mode (flight movements with just one click) YES YES YES
Switchable clouds YES YES YES
3D mountain landscapes YES YES YES
Simulation of ocean waves with solar reflections YES YES YES
Reflections of objects, texts and mountain landscapes on the sea YES YES YES
64Bit processor support YES YES YES
Multi-core processor support YES YES YES
Optimized display quality (latest technologies) YES YES YES
Creation of stereoscopic 3D videos YES YES YES
Drones camera work YES YES YES
Automatic camera control with camera profiles YES YES YES
Fixed camera mode for motionless cards YES YES YES
Manual camera work with keyframes YES YES YES
Placing objects and texts at checkpoints YES YES YES
Text at stopover points YES YES YES
Adjustable route color, style and width YES YES YES
Using your own 2D objects (images) as head objects, key objects or free objects. YES YES YES
Adding national borders YES YES YES
Save videos as Raw DV, AVI DV type 1/2, VfW, AVI (DirectShow), Windows Media Video (wmv), QuickTime (mov) and as image sequences (JPG, BMP, TGA and PPM) YES YES YES
Hide/show texts and objects at checkpoint YES YES YES
Adjustable route color, style and width YES YES YES
Acceleration and deceleration at checkpoints YES YES YES
Free positioning of text and objects YES YES YES
Different fonts can be used simultaneously YES YES YES
Integration of own photos YES YES YES
Particle animation, e.g. real smoke from steam locomotives YES YES YES
Simulation of animated turns, arrivals and departures of objects YES YES YES
Free camera movement (camera zoom, position, tilt and angle) YES YES YES
Light and shadow effects adapt to the position of the sun (the month and time can be freely selected), e.g. the sunrise or sunset YES YES YES
Alternative control dial mode YES YES YES
Quick save button for projects YES YES YES
Simple map mode YES YES YES
Enhanced map mode YES YES YES
Simple camera mode YES YES YES
Uniform timeline YES YES YES
Undo function YES YES YES
Import of GPS tracking routes (formats such as CRS, G7T, GPX, KML, TCX, OVL and others) YES YES YES
Analysis of GPS data from images, allowing for images to be placed automatically in the location where they were taken. YES YES YES
Support of High Definition Video
HDV, HDTV, 4K and Ultra HD
Start of the route with exact time data YES YES YES
Simulate up to 10 independent routes at the same time (rallies) YES YES YES
Different speeds can be set for the selected objects YES YES YES
Improved preview, i.a. the setting of mark in/out points YES YES YES
3 basic world maps (Blue Marble, Classic Sat and Classic Earth YES YES YES
Library with 3D objects approx. 350 approx. 350 over 23.000
Number of GPS database entries of cities, capitals and villages 365.269 4.526.205 4.526.205
Degree of detail (map size in pixels) for land mask, night lights, city names and country borders 65.536
(0.26 GB)
(1.81 GB)
(1.81 GB)
Degree of detail (map size in pixels) for mountain landscape 65.536
(0.8 GB)
(27.1 GB)
(27.1 GB)
Object Package "Aircraft and Airlines 4" NO NO YES
Object Package "Ships and Boats 3" NO NO YES
Object Package "Vehicles" NO NO YES
Object Package "Landmarks 8 - Europe" NO NO YES
Object Package "Landmarks 8 - North America" NO NO YES
Object Package "Landmarks 8 - Asia" NO NO YES
Object Package "Landmarks 8 - Latin America, Middle East, Africa" NO NO YES
Object Package "Landmarks 8 - Australia and New Zealand" NO NO YES
Object Package "Landmarks 8 - India and Kazakhstan" NO NO YES
Object Package "Wildtiere" NO NO YES
Object Package "Cartoons 2" NO NO YES
Object Package "Airports Germany" NO NO YES
Earth Maps Adventure NO NO YES
Earth Maps Aesthetic NO NO YES
Earth Maps Classic NO NO YES
Bonus Map "Mond" NO NO YES
Bonus Map "Mars" NO NO YES

Note: Due to the change from Vasco da Gama 14 to 64Bit older object packages are no longer supported! Customized files for Vasco da Gama 14 are provided for all current object packages. Map packages are not affected by this and can still be used.



If you like to learn more details about Vasco da Gama 14, we recommend to download the Manual in pdf format and have a look at it.

Document format: PDF-files
Number of pages: 222 pages

(File size: 20 MB)

Annotation: Some images contain additional object and/or map packages or have been created with Vasco da Gama 14 HD Ultimate version of the software. These optional packages are not part of Vasco da Gama 14 HDPro or Vasco da Gama 14 HDPro XXL and can be purchased separately.

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  • 64Bit Prozessor with 2,4 GHz or higher
  • Microsoft® Windows 7 64Bit, Windows 8 64Bit und Windows 10 64Bit
  • 8 GByte RAM or higher
  • 50 GByte hard drive for the program installation
  • 3D Graphics card with the following minimum requirements:
    · 1GB MB RAM or more
    · Supports OpenGL 3.3 or higher
    · Supports ShaderModel 4.0 or higher
    · Supports 16 Texture mapping units or higher
  • Intel HD Graphics, Laptop, Notebooks, Netbooks or Onboard graphic chips with these minimum requirements can work, but they are not officially supported!
  • Blu-ray drive required for installation